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PP Disposable Shose Cover VS CPE Disposable Shose Cover

Regarding disposable shoe covers, there is often the  concern of what the  idealest material is and usually we think they are  plastic as well as polypropylene. Now we will  discuss the difference between  both. 

Disposable PP shoes cover material is PP

Disposable Plastic shoes cover material is PE or CPE

From Amazon, you can check selling price is 7-12 USD for 100 pcs disposable boot covers.

For disposable non woven shoes cover, selling price is 10-25 USD for 100 pcs.

MaterialHardnessStiffnessUV ResistanceBreathableToughnessCleaness Temperature ResistantWaterprooftear resistant 
PEMediumMediumFairMediumExcellentExcellentLowerHigher Excellent
PPHighHighGoodHigherExcellentExcellentHigherLower Excellent


 Disposable Shoes Cover PP

They are used usually in medical,clinic and labs and have anti-skid sole designs,they are durable.Can enjoy customized logo and pattern on it, check our samples pictures.

Disposable Shoes Cover CPE

these are long lasting as well as water resistant and also can stand up to aspects such as mud, dust, and snow,No need to worry about soil and dirty water to stain and soak your shoes,also do not lint when you use them.

Their size are same, both are adjustable size: Applicable to the large size of US Men’s 11In & Women’s 13 In. One size fits most, stretchable size about 13.8In in length and 5.9In in width.

Their application are same mostly: Multi-purpose shoe coverings are suitable for shoes, boots, booties, athletic shoes or sneakers in various indoor and outdoor places such as family, travel, party, garden, museum, workplace, indoor carpet floor, cars, etc. Ideal for visitors, guests, painters, professionals childhood educators, realtors and family works.

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