Disposable Face Masks with Ear Loop

  • [Face Masks]: Mouth Face Mask 3-ply With Elastic Earloops for Day-to-day protection
  • [Disposable Masks]: The disposable face mask is made from a supportive and powerful 3-layered fabric for 3-Way filter
  • [Disposable Face Masks]: Designed for a softer and smoother feel for Breathability all day long
  • [Masks]: Universal fitted elastic ear loops for a variety of users for instant protection
  • [Mouth Mask]: Easy to use–Keep the blue-side outside & nose clip on the upper side.
  • [Customized]: you can enjoy printed logo on the mask and customized package

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    disposable face mask kids

    disposable 3ply mask with face shield

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    face mask flame test


    Step 1: Deconstruct the mask

    Step 2: Using a lighter to torch the middle layer

    Step 3: “Good” if the layer has “melted” and come apart instead of catching fire

    The Flame Test

    The middle layer comprises of hydrophilic elements that is not made of paper, but a “melt-like” non-woven fabric material that helps to filter out the dust, germs and bacteria. This layer is critical in protecting against unwanted transmission of particles to and from you, and the effectiveness can be determined with the flame test

    Cut the mask open to deconstruct it, removing the middle layer of fabric. With a match or a lighter, safely set fire to the fabric. The fabric should melt and slowly disintegrate, and if it catches fire and burns, it could be an indication of poor fabric quality.


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