Disposable Coveralls Bulk Microporous

  • Disposable Microporous Breathable Protective Coverall Suit;Durability and comfortable in work environment
  • Elastic at Cuffs,ankles,waist design;Zip front opening,serged seams and attached hood help reduce exposure
  • Helps provide a basic barrier protection against light liquid splashes, dusts, Varnish, Resins, Fiberglass, Paints
  • APPLICATIONS range from Agriculture to Spray Painting; For Manufacturing,Food Service, Industrial and Pharmaceutical Processing, Cleaning Room, Spray Painting, Asbestos Inspection, Insulation Laying, Vehicle and Machine Maintenance
  • The Disposable Microporous Protective Coverall available individually in sizes from XL through 2XL

     Disposable Coveralls Protective Breathable Hooded Suit with Elastic Cuffs, Ankles and Waist,Zip Front Opening, Serged Seams for Spray Paint Chemical 


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    Made of high quality polypropylene to provide protection, duarlity for use in non-hazardous environments for working and includes a multitude of comfort features

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    Elastic waist design, ensure a better fit and freedom of movement more fit to the body.

    Elastic Cuffs ensure the compliance and sealing of key parts, making safety protection better.

    Front zipper closure design,donning and doffing easily, extends to your chin for complete coverage protection.

    Long flexible sleeve design to increase mobility,offer full range of movement and full cover protection for arms.

    Our Most Comfortable Garment Design For Disposable Suit

    Long zipperLong zipper

    Easy to bendEasy to bend

    Superior QualitySuperior Quality

    The long zipper is durable for close and open at multiple times. Also it is covered with a storm flap to achieve fewer potential entry points for contaminants.

    Suit size is unisex fit for most weight and height body.

    With comfortable design, extra room in arms and legs allowing for free movement, like running, standing and seating.

    The coverall consists with hoodie, elastic wrists and ankle enclosures, so you don’t get dirty in your job.

    Coverall suit is featured by 3ply SMS fabric, breathable and lightweight. Excellent fabric help protect at-risk workers from light liquid splashes, sprays and particles.

    Buy PPE for your flight

    Most people wear a protective suit on planes. The lightweight and breathable fabric help reduce

    the heat up in cramped cabin. Non-woven fabric made of multiporous material providing an excellent barrier against dangerous fine particles and liquids spray. Just take off without having to go home and change.

    Wearing protective coveralls means that you are able to leave work wearing clean clothing and go on to socialize or get into car or attend to other personal matters.

    PPE for plane

    disposable microporous coveralls

    Widely apply to daily home decoration works and regular industrial protections such as public hygiene establishments, sewer cleaning, car painting, garden pruning, interior decorations,etc.