Disposable Isolation Gowns Supplier Non Woven Elastic Cuffs

Disposable isolation gowns are made of 100% high-quality non woven fabric to provide protection, durability for use, anti-fog, waterproof
The protective gowns cover your body and clothing, creating a physical barrier to liquids (splashes) and dry particles (like dust and dirt)
Neck and waist tie closures which ensure a snug fit;elastic wrists to ensure a better fit and freedom of movement
10 pcs blue disposable isolation gowns per bag,only 120g per pcs;lightweight and breathable for user comfort,suitable for men and women
The isolation gowns are intended to provide personal temporary protective clothing for a variety of settings;provides economical, comfortable and reliable protection for workshops, construction sites, painting, household cleaning, etc(not include hats and shoes)



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    isolation gown





    Perfect prevention of liquid penetration, and waterproof effect

    45g/square meter

    100% high-quality non-woven (45g per square meter) to provide protection


    This isolation gowns is made of non woven,which is very soft and comfortable


    waist tie closureswaist tie closures

    elastic wristselastic wrists

    good qualitygood quality

    Double Strap Closures

    Fit the body better, solve the shortcomings of exposed back, and enhance the protection ability

    Elastic Wrist

    Elastic cuffs can ensure to fit the wrist, and use with gloves to enhance protection

    Good Quality

    Tight stitches ensure the quality of the product, not easy to break