Disposable Shorts for Massage, Tanning, Waxing and Medical

  • Disposable Shorts for Men: Designed to provide modest coverage during massage, tanning, waxing and medical services.
  • Non-Woven Boxer Shorts: These men’s boxer shorts are made from non-woven material.
  • Elastic Waist Shorts: Lightweight shorts feature an all-around elastic band for great comfort and fit.
  • Hygienic Underwear: The boxer shorts are individually-wrapped and disposable for hygiene.
  • Black Boxer Shorts: One size fits most adults; Pack contains 50 black disposable boxer shorts


    Product Details


    Disposable underwear is very practical and is designed with your convenience and comfort in mind. It can be worn and then thrown. Disposable Underwear is ideal when it is either impossible, inconvenient or impractical to wash underwear.

    disposable spa underwear

    • Disposable Shorts Made from Non-Woven Material

    • Disposable Shorts has All-Around Elastic Band

    • Designed to Provide Modest Coverage During Massage Treatments, Tanning & Waxing Services

    • Individually Wrapped & Disposable

    • One Size Fits Most Adults 

    black spa disposable underweardisposable spa underwear men

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    Why do I need Disposable Underwear?


    Disposable Panties wide and varied uses some essential and others non-essential.

    Disposable Brief can be used in a multitude of situations:

    Hospital Underwear

    ✔ Disposable briefs knickers, knickers and panties can be taken to hospital to avoid the possibility of running out of clean underwear.
    ✔ Disposable briefs are ideal for hospitals as there is no need for them to wash underwear and with the rise in antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA the need for hygiene has never been more important.

    Disposable Shorts for tanning

    ✔ Disposable briefs are great when taking a spa or massage as they save your daily under from getting ruined by impossible to washout massage oils. So we need Disposable Shorts for tanning

    Travel Underwear

    ✔ Disposable briefs are ideal travel underwear as they are lightweight and compact reducing the amount of space taken. As the briefs can be worn and thrown away even less space is taken up by dirty laundry.

    Emergency Underwear

    ✔ Disposable underwear where each pair is individually and hygienically wrapped makes great emergency underwear when an unforeseen disaster strikes like forgetting to take your daily underwear to the gym or you have an accident

    ✔ Disposable briefs are ideal for sailing trips where there is no washing machine and avoids have to wear the same old dirty smelly underwear