The 4-Ply Active Carbon Filter Disposable Earloop Face Mask


  • 4-LAYERS PROTECTION – Our grey disposable face mask with 4 premium layers, the outer layer is dust and waterproof; the middle layer is for filter; the inner layer is skin-friendly.Mask has a stronger filtering effect and is more warm and breathable
  • ADJUSTABLE NOSE WIRE – Protective gray masks came with adjustable nose bridge wire and elastic earloops. You can adjust the safety mask according to your face shape to make it more fit
  • COMFORTABLE & STRONG – 50pcs gray face mask disposable ear-loop are not easy to break and no strains to the ears. This means that the extra-soft earloop of the mouth cover will eliminate the pressure on the ears
  • WIDELY USE MASKS – Disposable mask is designed to prevent the spread of various air particles and droplets. It can protect and completely block out the nose and mouth from aerosols, liquid splashes, dust, automobile exhaust
  • SUITABLE – Masks are suitable for adults and can be used for outdoor public areas, schools, food service, retailers, warehouses, offices, schools and home usage.

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    disposable 4ply active carbon filters face mask





    Flame Test Meltblown

    Flame Test

    Step 1: Deconstruct the mask

    Step 2: Using a lighter to torch the middle layer

    Step 3: “Good” if the layer has “melted” and come apart instead of catching fire

    The Flame Test

    The middle layer comprises of hydrophilic elements that is not made of paper, but a “melt-like” non-woven fabric material that helps to filter out the dust, germs and bacteria. This layer is critical in protecting against unwanted transmission of particles to and from you, and the effectiveness can be determined with the flame test

    Cut the mask open to deconstruct it, removing the middle layer of fabric. With a match or a lighter, safely set fire to the fabric. The fabric should melt and slowly disintegrate, and if it catches fire and burns, it could be an indication of poor fabric quality.

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