Different Types of Masks, their Major Differences and which One to Use!

The world after the Covid-19 pandemic is a different world than it used to be a couple of years ago. After losing loved ones to the noble coronavirus, people have adopted safe-living habits that include using face masks as part of their daily attire, especially in the presence of company or going out. Because of this new change, it is necessary to understand the different types of masks and their uses. In this article, I will cover the major types of masks being used and will try to explain the difference and which one to use.

  1. Non-Medical 3ply Face Masks

As is evident by the name, it comprises 3 layers. The outer blue and white layer and an inner layer. The outer layers are made up of non-woven material, while the middle filtration layer is polypropylene. The outer and inner layer is water-resistant, while the middle layer filters airborne particles. These are disposable and provide source control. However, they are not recommended in a medical facility or any other medical emergency. They come in all sizes, so you can find these for children.

  • N95 Masks or Respirator’s Use

This mask or respirator is given the name N95 as it is supposed to save you from 95% of the viruses and germs around us. It fits around the nose and covers the respiratory tracks (nose and mouth) from liquid and airborne particles contamination. It is widely used in medical facilities for effective infiltration of highly sensitive patients. It comes in only two sizes, hence not recommended for children.

  • KN95 Masks or Respirators Use

Widely speaking, N95 and KN95 offer the same function. N95 is approved by US NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health), while the Chinese health department approves KN95. Both offer the same level of protection from germs and viruses, and both are 95% effective against Coronavirus. They are available in smaller sizes as well.

  • KF94 Masks or Respirators Use

The KF stands for Korean Filter, and 94 signifies that it protects the wearer from 94% infiltration. Hence, it is the Korean equivalent of N95. There are Korean black disposable masks also to consider. They come in different sizes for both children and adults.

Acarefi disposable face masks are much more breathable yet offer effective protection from germs and other airborne matter. Acarefi face masks are available for kids.


You must know the difference between different masks to get effective protection. N95, KN95, and KF94 facemasks offer the same level of effective infiltration. The difference comes in the board that approves them. N95 does not offer a lot of sizes, but KN95 and KF94 offer sizes for children as well. 3ply Face masks are effective against everyday challenges like pollution but do not offer high-level protection. Choose your masks wisely for effective protection. They will help you against different pollution and other diseases. Stay healthy, stay safe.

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